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Cinelli Saetta Sprint Ultegra

Adviesprijs: € 3.895
• Cinelli’s explosive new mid-range monocoque frame for the highly-evolved amateur.
• Construction methods studied for unparalleled reliability and efficiency in this weight division. The shape of the
frame’s joints, key points of structural stress, have been studied to minimise the level of the sigma specific stress in
the transition point significantly increasing the reliability and fatigue resistance of the frame.
• Top tube has been aggressively thinned out into a skeletal structure with material arranged in the paths of
maximum stresses.
• Constant arc from the top tube through the seatstays has been designed in order to exercise the inherent laminate
qualities of the material under vertical deformation for progressive control of the flexion of stays and top tube
creating a noticeably smoother and more consistent ride quality.
• All stress points in the main triangle of the Saetta Sprint vary according to the size of the frame for greatest
efficiency and suitable ride quality.
• Material savings from top tube and seatstays are redistributed to the bottom bracket area and “swollen”
chainstays which has been considerably bulked up, producing an extremely high level of stiffness relative to weight,
while maintaining strong and certain progressive handling.
• Made from 70HM carbon fibres, utilises the new Columbus Solida full carbon fork.

Dit model is beschikbaar in 10 uitvoeringen.

Frametype Framemaat info Kleur
Heren 43, 44, 48, 52, 56 cm
Red sprint
Blue sprint
Carbon monocoque
Shimano Ultegra
Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick
Columbus Solida
Cinelli Graphis Bianca
Cinelli Graphis Bianca
Marketing kleur(en)Red Sprint, Blu Sprint
CrankstelShimano Ultegra
Derailleur AchterShimano Ultegra
Derailleur VoorShimano Ultegra
ShiftersShimano Ultegra
RemmenShimano Ultegra
NavenShimano Ultegra
BalhoofdstelColumbus N8b
StuurCinelli Ram
ZadelPrologo NAGO Cinelli
Vervangbare derailleurpat (j/n)ja

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